Due to restrictions of gatherings at places of worship, we will be streaming Masses to a modified schedule for Sundays and Weekdays. To join any Mass, please click on the following Zoom link at the appropriate time:

As a Matter of Courtey, Please Note:
We ask that you to keep your video and microphones disabled during the Mass.
The settings of the link already disabled these items, but we ask you not to enable them manually.

Easter Mass Time

Palm Sunday Mass: 9AM (no Vigil Mass)

Holy Thursday Mass: 6PM

Good Friday Service: 3PM

Easter Vigil: 6PM

Easter Sunday: 9AM

Online Mass Times

Weekday Mass: 9AM

Sunday Masses: 6PM (no Vigil Mass will be streamed on Saturdays)



Tue 24 March 2020:

Make An Act Of Spiritual Communion

Directions for the Archdiocese of Sydney from 23 March 2020 until further notice

Fri 20 March 2020:

Directions for the Archdiocese of Sydney from 18 March 2020 until further notice

due to COVID-19

  1. Ministers of Communion are NOT to wear crosses.
  2. Commentary sheets will not be in folders, just sheets. Please ensure you use the sheet that is applicable to your mass. After mass, you are asked to take your commentary sheet home. DO NOT LEAVE IN CHURCH.
  3. The Book of the Gospels will NOT be carried in the ENTRANCE PROCESSION.
  4. The BOOK of INTENTIONS will NOT be used at the moment. All personal prayer intentions can be prayed privately.
  5. No passing of collection plates during mass. Collection points will be set up for all church donations.
  6. If you take a parish Bulletin or any of the Lenten booklets, Stations of the cross from the church foyer, PLEASE TAKE IT HOME. DO NOT PUT THEM BACK or leave them in the church.
  7. NO offertory procession at any mass.
  8. NO holding hands or shaking hands at the Lord’s prayer or Sign of Peace.
  9. NO live music at masses, CD only.
  10. SOCIAL DISTANCING – Parishioners are required to sit at a distance from one another.

Tue 17 March 2020:
Important information on how COVID-19 will affect Sunday Masses at Mary Immaculate

With the new national restrictions for indoor gatherings now limited to only 100 people, all future Sunday masses will now be held outdoors in the Jeanne Pestana Passive Play Area until further notice.
Parishioners who attend are encouraged to sit at a safe distance from one another.
Everyone is reminded that we must:
Restrain from holding hands during the Our Father;

NOT shake hands at the Sign of Peace
Only receive Communion (HOST ONLY) on the HAND, NOT tongue, to avoid any chance of contracting or passing on the virus. (NO PRECIOUS BLOOD)
NOT attend any mass if you have been overseas in the past 14 days.

Sanitize our hands before we attend masses.
Limited seating will be provided for the elderly. However, if you are over 65 and have any medical condition, you are encouraged to stay at home as a precautionary action. Live telecasts of Sunday masses are available online. Such sites include:
Watch the Livestream of the 10:30am Sunday Mass from St. Mary’s Cathedral on OR
Youtube channel for St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney
Mass on Demand
10 Play Mass for you at Home

Please note: To help protect all parishioners, masses will be run using a limited number of ministers including no altar servers. There will be no Children’s Liturgy of the Word, no Offertory procession, no live music, no data projector and no hospitality table after mass.
These measures may seem extreme, but ultimately, by complying with the nation’s guidelines, we are ensuring your safety, the safety of our priest and parish community.
Thank you for your understanding.